It is no secret that weddings cost a pretty penny, and if you are just starting out on your wedding planning journey, the costs can be quite overwhelming. Keeping your wedding budget under control will be a top priority, and we want to help you find the best wedding venue packages that your hard-earned money can buy!

Before we do, let’s take a closer look at how much a wedding really costs. When it comes to the amount that Australian couples are prepared to spend on their wedding these days, the figure is downright eye-watering. Easy Weddings annual survey showed that Aussie couples spent an average of $31,300 on their weddings in 2018, with the venue generally taking up 45% of their entire spend.

So, after looking at that number, you’re thinking one of two things:

1) That number is ‘on the money’ (pardon the pun), you’re prepared to spend close to this number


2) That number is ridiculous, who spends that kind of money on their wedding?! You’re not going anywhere near this amount.

Regardless of your financial position, the wedding venue is one of the most expensive pieces of the wedding budget puzzle with costs ranging from $8,000 to $40,000. So if you’re going to save money; your wedding venue package seems a great place to start.

Here are a few inside tips on alternative wedding packages that can help you enjoy some great cost savings:

1. Weekdays Wedding Packages

Hosting a weekday wedding can help you bring your venue of choice closer to a reality. It can increase the chance of a venue or vendor’s availability – even in a peak season – and these days are also known to be more cost friendly when it comes to staffing, so venues can afford to offer a lower price-point. Beerwah Hideaway’s full wedding package is $1,000 cheaper from Monday to Thursday, and in addition to that, the minimum guest numbers are lowered 50 people to 30 people – how’s that for a saving!

2. Intimate Weddings Packages

Smaller guest lists may seem like a downside when it comes to trying to meet minimum booking numbers for certain venues.  However, for those seeking a more relaxed and intimate affair, there are options out there for smaller weddings. Beerwah Hideaway’s Intimate Wedding Packages are designed specifically for weddings of fewer than 20 guests, and not only are they all-inclusive, they’re also very affordable!

3. Special Dates on Sale for Jan to March 2019

Each year, Beerwah Hideaway releases a few select dates for their Intimate Weddings at a special rate. The way this works is that they can host several smaller weddings at different times of the day, and therefore offer a lower price-point for the package. Enquire about these special dates now to be the first to know when they’re released.

4. Why Wait? – Short Term Booking Specials

If you’re ready to start your life together now … why wait?  You don’t need to invest a year of your life planning and stressing about your wedding. Contact your venue and see what dates are available within 4 months of your preferred wedding date. We also recommend that you opt for a venue that has an all-inclusive wedding package so you don’t need to search for suppliers and stress about pulling everything together in time for your day.

5. Off-Peak Wedding Packages

Generally speaking, winter is a less popular time to get married; Off-season does vary according to region. And when it comes to popular venues, it’s important to note, there may not be an off-peak time and hence no off-peak wedding packages at all.

What could be more lovely than a winter wedding on the Sunshine Coast? Perfect temperatures, less chance of wind and rain, and it’s not too hot and uncomfortable for you and your guests. As it’s the quieter holiday season, you can also find that accommodation in the region will be less pricey.

If you have your heart set on wedding locations that are also popular holiday destinations — think Fiji or The Whitsundays – or locations where the weather is beautiful all year round, the “slow season” as far as weddings doesn’t exist. Being that Beerwah Hideaway is situated in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, one of the most sought after wedding destinations, off-peak rates don’t apply. They do however have better availability over the winter and summer months, so contact the team today to discuss your ideal wedding dates!

6. Elope

If you’re the adventurous and spontaneous type – why not elope? Avoid the stress and expense of a full blown wedding. Declare your love to each other at the wedding venue of your dreams. Enquire about any special packages that are available for Elopement Experiences on the Sunshine Coast. Beerwah Hideaway’s ‘Just Us’ package is an all-inclusive elopement package, offering a truly intimate ceremony for just the two of you.

When it all boils down, the number one thing that impacts on price is your guest list. How many people need seating, food and to indulge in alcohol? That’s what determines how much you’re spending on your wedding. Cutting one table of people could save you thousands of dollars.

Keep in mind that these more cost-effective wedding venue packages may not be uncovered via your online research . They will rarely be presented to you when you enquire — especially if you submit a general web inquiry or enquire about a specific date. So if you’re keen to make your wedding budget stretch as far as possible, don’t be shy – reach out and ask your favourite wedding venue about any Special Wedding Venue Packages or Dates they have on sale.

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