How to be 200% sure when you book the perfect wedding venue.

Regardless of what kind of wedding venue you’re going for—whether it’s a ballroom or a barn — before you book the perfect wedding venue, a personal site visit is a must! But because these site visits require your time, we generally recommend only booking wedding venue tours for your top three choices, and to determine which three make the cut, you need to know what your ‘deal breakers’ are.

So before we start blocking out the calendar to make way for a wedding venue tour, let’s be 200% sure that your choices are realistic, and ask yourself these questions before booking in that personal visit with your wedding venue finalists:

Can we really afford this venue?

Seriously, don’t torture yourself by placing a $20,000 venue on your list of top 3 when you can really only afford $10,000. It’s just going to waste your precious time and will only end in heart break. Beerwah Hideaway’s Wedding Packages are very transparent with their inclusions and pricing, so you can read through them and know right-away whether they’re within your budget.

Is my preferred date available?

Some wedding venues book up to 2 years in advance, so availability can change on a daily basis. If you have a wedding date in mind and don’t want to miss out, make sure you check with your preferred venues immediately. Beerwah Hideaway can hold your date for 7 days to allow you time to visit and make your final decision. Always make contact with your venues and double check on availability as soon as you have a date in mind.

Have we reviewed the Terms & Conditions?

Before booking a venue tour, make sure you have reviewed the packages and pricing. Reading the Terms & Conditions upfront helps to ensure you understand what’s included and what’s not. It will also prevent any nasty surprises down the track.

Can this venue really accommodate my guests comfortably?

Sometimes venues will max out their limits to make it more appealing to couples. Just because you can fit 200 people into a space, doesn’t mean that you should. So before you book a wedding venue, drill down on this question with the venue co-ordinator. Ask about the best room layout and if they have experienced any issues with different room configurations.  Sometimes where you wish to place the bridal table and position the dj /dance floor, for instance, may reduce the table numbers dramatically. Beerwah Hideaway can host up to 100 guests for a seated meal, and 150 for a cocktail reception.

How does this venue accommodate our specific needs?

As awesome as an all-in-one wedding venue may sound, that accommodates your ceremony, pre-drinks and reception. Are there three separate spaces for each of those events? Or will it be an all-in-one room scenario? Is their a wet weather plan if your outdoor ceremony can’t go ahead on the day due to poor weather? Are there suitable onsite photo locations so we don’t need to travel elsewhere? Or are there some beautiful spots close by?  Is there a separate area for the bridal party to freshen up during the day? These are all questions you want to know before booking your wedding venue and even before you bother going for a site visit. And just quietly, Beerwah Hideaway ticks all of these boxes!

Does this venue have any minimum requirements, restrictions or “deal breakers”?

Sometimes a venue has certain restrictions that may make it impossible to create the wedding you have been dreaming of.  These, you might consider to be “non-negotiables” or “deal breakers”. Being unable to do certain things means that the venue is not the right fit for you. For instance, if you’re 100% wanting to rent marquees then a wedding venue with a dedicated indoor reception space probably isn’t for you. If you are dreaming of Caravan Bars serving creative cocktails and the venue has a beverage package as part of their all inclusive wedding package, then you may have to re-think your venue choices. So make a list of your “non-negotiables” and have these figured out before you book your venue tour.

Does this venue suit your personal wedding style?

If you’re looking for a laidback, bride-chilla type vibe for your day, then a booking a wedding venue that says historic, old-worldly elegance really isn’t the best fit. Or if you’re wanting a black tie affair then a backyard or barn wedding won’t make your guests in stilettos and floor length gowns very happy. This is also where you should consider decor and any additional costs you may have to incur to make the venue fit your overall theme. Is the venue naturally beautiful and impressive, or does it require lots of additional decoration (at your additional cost)? Or is it the perfect canvas for your day that needs very little work. Take a close look at the venue’s Wedding Photo Gallery.

Are all-inclusive-wedding packages right for us?

And finally, if you’re going to book a wedding venue with all-inclusive packaged, think carefully about what this really means for you and your budget. All-inclusive packages like the full package offered at Beerwah Hideaway means that so much of the hard work is done for you. Hooray! Right? On the other hand if you really want to go the “DIY” route thinking it will save you a heap of money (which mind you often costs way more in time and money than an all-inclusive option) then you need to understand that these packages are not flexible. By removing items from the pre-designed package, don’t think you can also reduce the cost.

Now that you’re almost at the finish line, the gruelling wedding venue search is almost over and you’re so close to locking in your date. How exciting! It’s now time to pre-arrange your venue tour so you can be certain that your venues of choice live up to their online claims.

What next?

Request a copy of Beerwah Hideaway’s wedding packages, and they’ll be in contact to arrange a private venue tour!