Your Names:

Jess & Reece Hartwell

Wedding Date:

12th of November, 2017

Proposal Story:

We booked an 11-night cruise to the Pacific Islands for February 2016. Reece sneakily ordered a ring that was supposed to take 4 weeks to arrive, but instead it took 10 weeks to arrive and was only available for pick up 3 days before we got on the cruise ship. The day after we sailed out of Brisbane we were in our cabin and Reece got me to go sit on the chair near him and asked me to marry him. Funniest part was he had his iPad in the corner to try to get it on video without me knowing, but his finger slipped on his iPad and he got an 18 second time-lapse instead.

Why did you choose Beerwah Hideaway for your special day:

We chose Beerwah Hideaway as it is a beautiful location and we liked the idea of not having to travel between the ceremony and the reception, or having to drive to a hotel at the end of the night. The menu was also something we really loved as we were able to have a simple buffet meal with lots of options rather than gourmet meals that a lot of family and friends wouldn’t eat. We also didn’t even have to leave the venue for photographs as we got all our bridal party shots done around the waterfall area, as well as a lot of shots of just us. Then the photographer took just us two for a hike down below the garden chapel along the creek for some more photographs.

Describe your theme for the day:

Our theme was simple purple and silver elegance with a touch of Mario thrown in for fun. Each table was named after a different Mario character and the cake toppers were Mario and Peach Amiibo’s dressed in wedding attire.

The highlight of the day:

There are so many highlights to the day but one of the funniest was when the DJ accidentally skipped over two of the bridesmaids during the entrance song and we jokingly told the girls that it was because they weren’t important (perfectly captured by Glen, see below) Them being skipped over had everyone cracking up with laughter, and they got the biggest cheer once the DJ realised his mistake and introduced them into the room. Another highlight was Reece’s sister singing “Love Story” by Taylor Swift as her gift to us.

Tips or words of wisdom for future brides/grooms-to-be:

Plan to be at the venue earlier than you need to be and spend some time in the bedroom just having a quiet moment before walking out, it will be the last chance you have to sit for a while after all the rushing about getting ready and is a great chance to breathe before walking out. This has the added advantage of allowing extra time if you do end up running a bit late. Also, don’t let your photographer talk you into going outside for photos during dessert unless you don’t plan on eating anymore, or remember to tell staff not to take your plate.

Suppliers on the day:

Venue: Beerwah Hideaway
Celebrant: Karen Faa
Photographer: HAMA Photography
Hair Stylist: Rolling Scissors
Makeup Artist: KJ Artistry
Cake Supplier: Elizabeth + May
DJ: Network DJ’s